• When to Take Your Dog to the Pet Hospital

    As a pet owner, one knows how much their furry friends mean to them. They bring joy, love, and comfort. However, like humans, dogs also fall sick and sometimes require urgent medical attention. It can be hard to know when you should take your dog to the pet hospital, especially if you don't know what signs to look for. This blog will cover the signs that indicate your dog needs immediate medical attention from a pet hospital. [Read More]

  • Does Your Dog Have A Hot Spot? See The Vet

    While there are a number of skin problems that can affect dogs, hot spots tend to be one of the most common. As a dog owner, it is therefore important that you learn how to recognize hot spots and seek care for your dog when they occur. Keep reading to learn the basics. What are the signs of hot spots? Hot spots are essentially red, irritated skin lesions. You may notice them on your dog's belly, back, or side. [Read More]

  • How To Respond When Your Dog Is Vomiting

    When your dog starts to vomit, it can become very nerve-racking. However, many times when your dog vomits there is nothing too serious happening. They may have eaten something that did not sit well with their digestive system. Vomiting is a way to naturally protect their gut health. There are times, however, when your dog vomits, and it may be problematic. Here's a closer look at why your dog may be vomiting. [Read More]