Worried About Boarding A Nervous Dog? 3 Tips To Have A Good Experience

Posted on: 27 January 2020

Bringing your dog to a boarding kennel can come with some extra challenges when your dog gets especially nervous in new settings or simply in the setting of a boarding facility. While there's a lot you can do to make sure that your dog is comfortable by wearing them down before getting dropped off, there's a lot of extra things you can do to make sure that your dog is likely to have a good experience instead of feeling especially nervous while you're gone.

Check with Your Vet

Meeting with your veterinarian can be a good decision since it can ensure that your dog is able to get the attention they need and advice on how to keep them relaxed. In some situations, the vet may recommend a calming supplement to help relax so that your dog isn't nervous while being boarded. Since many dogs can have behavioral issues when feeling stressed which could lead to them nipping kennel attendant, you vet may want to get your dog in a more relaxed state.

Find Stress-Free Boarding Facilities

As you begin checking your options for boarding facilities, you want to keep an eye out for facilities that are going to be less stressful for your dog to stay at. In some cases, the boarding kennel may ensure that your dog is going to be more relaxed since they'll be able to provide things such as quiet individual kennels that your dog isn't going to share with other dogs. Making it clear that your dog gets nervous in new settings can help you determine whether a specific kennel is going to be a good fit or not.

Bring Some Things from Home

An easy way to help your dog feel more relaxed in any new environment is bringing some items that still have your scent on them. Checking with the kennel to make sure that it's okay to bring things from home can help you make sure that your dog is not going to be so nervous and that they feel more comfortable.

Having your dog stay at a boarding kennel when traveling can be a necessity due to wanting them to get plenty of attention while you're gone, but it does come with some extra effort to make sure that your dog isn't going to be so nervous where they have a bad experience while you're gone. With the above tips, it should be easier to get your dog relaxed and help them have a good time. Try visiting websites like Animal House Veterinary Hospital to learn more about how to best ensure the best kennel experience for your dog.