Bringing A New Puppy Home? Why It Needs To Have Its Own Bed

Posted on: 8 June 2020

If you're about to bring a new puppy home, you'll want to invest in supplies. One supply that you might forget is the bed. Many people fail to provide the one item that puppies need most of all. In fact, grown dogs need them as well. You might think that your puppy doesn't need a bed. But, that's not the case. Here are four important reasons why your puppy needs a bed. 

Protect Bones and Joints

Your puppy may have healthy bones and joints right now. But, that might change over time. This is especially true if you don't take the right steps while your puppy is young. If your puppy is sleeping on the hard floor, it might not have the protection it needs to develop strong bones and joints. Not only that, but once your puppy grows older, floor sleeping can cause bone and joint pain. Protect your puppy's bones and joints. Invest in a good bed. 

Regulate Body Temperature

Puppies often have a hard time regulating their body temperature. That means they may get too hot or too cold. This can cause serious problems for your puppy. Unfortunately, floor sleeping doesn't help with temperature control. In fact, floor sleeping may make the problem worse. This is especially true during the summer and winter, when temperatures can be extreme. The right bed can help insulate your puppy against those temperature extremes. That means your puppy will have an easier time regulating their body temperature. 

Provide a Barrier Against Germs

While your puppy is young, it's susceptible to a variety of sicknesses. If your puppy is sleeping on the floor, it's exposed to germs that could make it sick. Unfortunately, you can't keep your floor clean enough to remove all the germs that can make your puppy sick. That's where a bed comes in handy. When your puppy sleeps in its own bed, a protective barrier is formed between it and the floor. That means your puppy isn't sleeping on germs that you've carried in on your feet. Best of all, you can wash the bed once a week to keep germs away. 

Promote Better Emotional Health

You want your puppy to stay healthy both emotionally and physically. Providing your puppy with its own bed is one way to promote both. You might not realize this,but your puppy will feel more safe and secure in their own bed. They'll also feel more emotionally stable. That's because they'll have their own space to retreat to when they need to rest.  

Provide your puppy with everything it will need to grow healthy and strong. Invest in a good bed for your new puppy. For other tips on puppy care, talk to a veterinarian at a location like Murrells Inlet Veterinary Hospital.