Understanding Ringworm In Cats

Posted on: 9 September 2020

Ringworm is a common issue cats face. Unfortunately, many people can also get ringworm from cats. Veterinarian clinics have a lot of experience handling ringworm.

This condition is a fungal infection that grows under the skin and looks like a raised ring when it appears. Do you suspect that your cat might have ringworm? Pay close attention to this condition with the answers to these questions.

What Does Ringworm Look Like?

In cats, the appearance of the raised rings can be mild and difficult to spot. Often, veterinarians spot hair loss first. They also know how to look for the rash in a way that many pet owners may not necessarily know how to look.

Keep in mind that cats can still carry and spread ringworm even if they do not have the symptoms. Cats spread ringworm through direct contact. It can also spread by remaining dormant on other surfaces, including brushes, combs, bowls, furniture, and more.

How Do Veterinarians Treat Ringworm?

Topical treatment is one way to address ringworm. Ointments and creams can be applied to the area where the ringworm is present, and it may require some shaving of the area first. Once the pet is shaved, topical application can be easier.

Oral treatments are also available. Anti-fungal medications may need to be taken for some times. During this time, it is important that you do not stop treatment until the veterinarian says it is safe to do so. You may be able to hide the treatment in the pet's food if he or she will not take the pill otherwise.

Cleaning your home and other areas the pet comes into contact with is also important. Ringworm is very easy to contract from pet to pet or pet to human, so make sure that you clean the entire area, including blankets and cushions your pet enjoys sleeping on.

You may also wish to keep your pet in his or her own area as the rash dissipates. This will ensure that your other pets do not get the condition and then spread it to a person or back to the original pet in the future.

See a Veterinarian Today

If your pet has ringworm, veterinarian clinics can help you. Make sure that you make your appointment today to ensure that your pet is in good hands. While ringworm may not be a deadly disease, it is certainly one that is uncomfortable and requires some assistance to get rid of.

To learn more, contact a veterinarian clinic.