Important Cat Vaccinations To Obtain For Your Feline Family Member

Posted on: 7 December 2020

Your cat is vulnerable to illnesses that can significantly shorten its life. However, many of these illnesses are preventable. In fact, sparing your pet from getting them many times is as simple as getting your cat vaccinated.

To prolong your feline friend's life, you need to make sure it gets its yearly kitten vaccinations and vaccinations as an adult. Regular cat vaccinations are available at your veterinarian's office and should be included in your pet's yearly physical.


Rabies is a deadly illness that transmits easily among animals and humans. Even if your cat remains indoors, it can still contract this fatal sickness.

To protect it from getting rabies, you need to get your cat its rabies vaccine. Many vet offices offer yearly rabies vaccines that are inexpensive and not painful for your cat to receive. You will receive a tag to put on your cat's collar from the vet's office to prove that it has received its rabies vaccine. Many cities and counties also require pet owners to have their pets vaccinated against rabies. 

A rabies vaccine not only protects your cat from rabies. It also protects you and your family members from getting rabies. If your cat cannot get this illness, it cannot spread it to you and others in your home.

Feline HIV

Feline HIV is another serious illness that transmits easily among cats. This disease can shorten your cat's life and cause serious side effects, such as lowering your cat's natural immunity and weakening its internal organs.

However, the feline HIV shot is included in yearly cat vaccinations at most vet offices. This vaccine is typically good for one year and should be included in the cat vaccinations that you get for your feline family member.


Finally, your cat vaccinations should include yearly distemper shots. Distemper is a deadly illness that affects a cat's respiratory and central nervous system. It is nearly always fatal and can cause a cat to die a painful death. 

However, it is easily preventable with a vaccine. To ensure that your cat does not succumb to distemper, you need to get it a yearly distemper vaccine.

Cat vaccinations are an important part of your cat's yearly checkup. Your veterinarian will make sure that your feline friend is updated on all of its shots. Your pet will receive vaccines to spare it from serious illnesses like rabies, feline HIV, and distemper.

To learn more about cat vaccinations, reach out to a local veterinarian.