3 Tips to Care for Your Cat

Posted on: 23 March 2021

Your cat is your loyal pet, although sometimes they can be a little aloof. Your cat is a part of your family and is going to need the right type of care in order to live a full life. If you aren't sure what type of care a cat needs, read on for helpful tips in order to give your cat the life he deserves.

1. Give Your Cat Stimulating Toys

Your cat should have toys and different items that offer them some stimulation. Toys that your cat can play with offer stimulation. For example, toys filled with catnip, or feather toys can be fun for your cat, as can springy toys that bounce back and forth for your cat to swat at all offer some stimulation.

Other things such as scratching posts or climbing towers can also offer stimulation for your cat. Your cat will use the scratching posts to scratch their nails on. A scratching post can also be used for your cat to rub their body along as well. If you have climbing towers, your cat will use these to jump up to, climb around on, and even nap on. 

2. Feed Your Cat a Proper Diet

Be sure to feed your cat a proper diet that consists of cat food. Don't give human food to your cat, as some foods can be harmful to their health and increase their chances of obesity or early death. Feed your cat wet or dry cat food, whichever your cat prefers. Wet food is sometimes better for cats that are older, as their teeth may not be able to crunch up the harder dry food. Give your cat water to drink, and make sure your cat has plenty throughout the day to stay hydrated.

3. Give Your Cat a Clean Litter Space

Make sure your cat has a clean litter box in order to relieve themself. If the litter box is dirty, your cat may decide they don't want to use it and may start to go other places in your home. If the litter box is too dirty, it can also create a problem with bacteria, which can affect both your cat or you as well. Clean the litter box often and replace the litter with clean litter every couple of days.

Your cat needs to be cared for properly in order to lead a long, healthy life. Take your cat to the veterinarian for a checkup each year for vaccinations, and for a thorough exam as well to ensure your cat is as healthy as possible. Your veterinarian will have other pet care tips you can use to care for your cat.