Pet Cremation: Facts Every Pet Owner Should Know While Their Pet Is Healthy

Posted on: 26 August 2022

Saying goodbye to a beloved animal is heartbreaking and it is not something any pet owner wants to think about while their pet is still healthy and happy. However, if your pet suddenly becomes ill and you must decide to put them down, it can be overwhelming trying to determine if pet cremation or a traditional burial is best for you. Learning a few facts about pet cremation, while your pet is still healthy, means you have one less thing to worry about at the time of your pet's death.

Cremation is easy

Having your pet cremated takes the pressure off you and your loved ones who are grieving the loss of the family pet. Most pet crematories will work directly with your veterinarian's office and can pick up your pet's remains at the office. If your pet dies at home, they can pick up your pet's body at home, which is especially helpful when dealing with larger animals.

You will usually have your pet's ashes back within a short period of time. Some pet crematories offer special memorial services, such as making a clay paw print for you to keep or preserving a fur clipping of your pet. It is best to discuss any special services offered prior to deciding which pet crematory you want to work with.  

Cremation is more hygienic  

A common practice with traditional pet burials is to bury your pet in the backyard or create a pet cemetery on your property to memorialize your pets. While this can be a great idea, unless your pet is buried in a container of some sort, there is always the danger of predatory animals digging up your pet's remains. Cremation eliminates that problem and is a safe way to preserve your pet while still allowing you to create a memorial garden, etc.

Cremation allows you to keep part of your pet

Whether you decide to keep your pet's ashes in a decorative urn in your home or want to have your pet's ashes made into a piece of jewelry, cremation makes it possible to preserve your pet's memory in unique ways. It also makes it possible to share ashes with different family members if desired. 

When you learn about pet cremation prior to needing services, it enables you to focus on spending precious time with your pet if your pet should become ill and close to the end of life rather than trying to decide what to do. Your local pet crematory will be happy to answer any questions you have about their services and what to expect should you choose cremation for your pet in the future.