• Three Reasons Why Pets Often Need Oral Surgery

    Cats and dogs make use of their mouth for a whole range of different tasks that humans simply use their hands for. Everything from carrying their kittens and pups all the way through to fighting off or hunting vermin, your pet's mouth and teeth will get a workout almost every day. That is why even though their teeth and mouth may look fine, they often require pet oral surgery every few years. [Read More]

  • Where To Look For Vet Tech Jobs

    When you first graduate from veterinary technician school, you rely on the recommendations of others to help you get a job. If you don't have an internship lined up or a solid recommendation for a hiring veterinary clinic, then it's up to you to land your vet tech job. You can look in a variety of locations for a vet tech job, but you can get your foot in the door more easily if you know where to look and have a great resume to showcase your skills. [Read More]

  • What An Animal Hospital Can Do For Your Pet

    When people hear the word hospital, they think of the place people go to when they are having a serious health-related emergency or when they need to have surgery. While this is the case with a hospital, it isn't all there is when it comes to an animal hospital. Yes, an animal hospital is the place you are going to want to go to when you are facing an emergency with your pet or when it needs to have surgery, but there are also many other services that you can go to a pet hospital for, and here are some:  [Read More]

  • 3 Tips to Care for Your Cat

    Your cat is your loyal pet, although sometimes they can be a little aloof. Your cat is a part of your family and is going to need the right type of care in order to live a full life. If you aren't sure what type of care a cat needs, read on for helpful tips in order to give your cat the life he deserves. 1. Give Your Cat Stimulating Toys [Read More]

  • Alert Your Vet If Your Cocker Spaniel Shows Signs Of These Problems

    Every dog breed is different, not only in appearance but also in their genetics and predisposition to certain health problems. It is important to be aware of the problems that are common in your dog's particular breed so that if you notice signs of those problems, you can bring them to your vet's attention ASAP. So, what health problems should you watch out for in Cocker spaniels? Cataracts or Glaucoma [Read More]

  • Important Cat Vaccinations To Obtain For Your Feline Family Member

    Your cat is vulnerable to illnesses that can significantly shorten its life. However, many of these illnesses are preventable. In fact, sparing your pet from getting them many times is as simple as getting your cat vaccinated. To prolong your feline friend's life, you need to make sure it gets its yearly kitten vaccinations and vaccinations as an adult. Regular cat vaccinations are available at your veterinarian's office and should be included in your pet's yearly physical. [Read More]

  • 3 Medical Issues To Watch For In Your Dog

    Your dog becomes part of the family, and they grow with you and with your family as well. If your dog is ill or not feeling like themselves, it's important to get them to the veterinarian for a checkup to ensure there isn't anything seriously wrong with them. If you aren't exactly sure what you should be watching out for, read on for a few signs that may indicate a medical problem for your furry pal. [Read More]

  • Does Your Chinchilla Need To See The Vet?

    Most people are well aware that their dogs and cats need vet care, but when you get a smaller, caged pet, their veterinary care requirements can seem a little ambiguous. But rest assured — your chinchilla can and should see the veterinarian. Their small size and the fact that they spend most of their time in the cage does not preclude them from illness or make preventative vet care any less essential. [Read More]

  • Understanding Ringworm In Cats

    Ringworm is a common issue cats face. Unfortunately, many people can also get ringworm from cats. Veterinarian clinics have a lot of experience handling ringworm. This condition is a fungal infection that grows under the skin and looks like a raised ring when it appears. Do you suspect that your cat might have ringworm? Pay close attention to this condition with the answers to these questions. What Does Ringworm Look Like? [Read More]

  • Basic Paw Care For Your Puppy

    When you get a new dog, you face a learning curve when it comes to meeting all their needs. Puppies need training and guidance, but you also learn the foundational pet care practices that will keep your dog healthy throughout life. In particular, you'll learn how to care for their ears, feet, and coat. Learn more about healthy paw care for your puppy. Check for ticks and other irritants Each day during your grooming practice, check your puppy's paws. [Read More]